Reinventing Jude — Sundial Soliloquy

Didn’t think it could get much better, but Reinventing Jude has reinvented herself into true art. Compared to Shoulder Season, Sundial Soliloquy is a more mature album while still holding true to her jazz/indie and full band roots. On the last review of Shoulder Season I compared Reinventing Jude to Florence + The Machine and Frou Frou, but listening to this album I can only compare her to herself. This album definitely has a unique vibe and is truly calming.  If you’re looking for new music to listen to that’s soft, easy, whimsical and a perfect pair to a chill afternoon or a cup of coffee this is the perfect album for that.

When I listen to Sundial Soliloquy I feel inspired, with a shot of espresso.


Listen Here:

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